BACnet Interface for i.LON SmartServer

Enabling multi-vendor, multi-protocol solutions by providing a BACnet interface on newly commissioned and/or established LonWorks® networks.

  • The LonWorks®/BACnet Gateway Application for the i.LON SmartServer
  • Provides an intuitive BACnet look and feel to any i.LON® site interface
  • Compatible with all common BACnet AWS/OWS workstations

    BACnet Interface for i.LON SmartServer

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  • Simple download to a SmartServer with programmability license
  • Implemented as a standard SmartServer App
  • Complies with BACnet Interoperability Testing Services, Inc’s “BACnet Conformance Test Suite”

Additional Benefits:

  • Robust
  • User Configurable
  • Many template library solutions
  • Read Property and Read Property Multiple
  • COV (Change of Value) reporting
  • Fully discoverable by standard BACnet tools
  • Includes PC based SmartServer BACnet Configurator (for BACnet discovery, browser, and configuration)

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