BACnet CloudRouter

The BCR002 BACnet CloudRouter is a BACnet IP-to-IP Router that automatically connects BACnet Devices over the Internet

The BCR002 BACnet CloudRouter establishes the link between sites by automatically connecting to a peer CloudRouter at a second site via a relay server hosted by ConnectEx, Inc.


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Future options will allow users to add more sites to their secure ‘CloudNet’ of interconnected BACnet devices, as well as provide fully secure, fine grained access controls and online historical data trending and event logging.


  • No need to arrange extra-cost static IP addresses for each site
  • Enables dynamic IP addressing for cellular M2M connectivity
  • No configuring and maintenance of IP address tables
  • Automatically navigates NAT routers
  • “Punches out” through firewalls automatically
  • Obtains own IP address using DHCP
  • Possible to use in pure plug-and-play scenarios
  • No need to use BBMDs for linking sites together

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