Innovative Connectivity Solutions for BACnet and LonWorks

ConnectEx, Inc., provides robust communication interfaces for Building Automation (BAS), Energy Management (EMS) and Building Management (BMS) Systems. Our cost-effective solutions provide connectivity that scales from a single building to tens of thousands of points connected together in a world-wide network via our CloudRouter product line. Our products enhance both BACnet and LonWorks based systems, the two most common and powerful protocols available in today’s Building Automation projects.

Featured Product: BACnet Interface for i.LON SmartServer

•     The LonWorks®/BACnet Gateway Application for the i.LON SmartServer
•     Provides an intuitive BACnet look and feel to any i.LON® site interface
•     Compatible with all common BACnet AWS/OWS workstations
•     Simple download to a SmartServer with programmability license
•     Implemented as a standard SmartServer App
•     Includes SmartServer BACnet Configurator (BACnet browser, discovery and configuration tool)
•     Complies with BACnet Interoperability Testing Services, Inc’s “BACnet Conformance Test Suite”